An Eco-Friendly Roofing Solution for Your Home

An Eco-Friendly Roofing Solution for Your Home

Making your home more energy conscious and environmentally friendly is something we all should think about when it comes time to make home repairs or improvements. Your roof is one of the most important parts of your home and can help save you a lot of money in heating and cooling costs. The materials you use for your roof matter just as much. The answer to all your green roofing solutions lies in using composite roof tile.                       

What is composite roof tile? It’s lightweight, durable, and made from 100% recycled plastic. Composite tile manufactured by companies like Brava Roof Tile accurately replicate traditional slate, cedar shake, and clay roofing materials. No matter what style you prefer, composites will outperform regular tiles 100% of the time.                    

These roof tiles are very durable and hold up in all kinds of weather. They can repel a significant amount of UV rays which helps keep your house cool during the summer. During wet and rainy weather they hold up perfectly due to their ease of ability to repel water. Other roofing materials can absorb water and slowly wear down over time.                       

Composite roof tiles also do well against potential storm damage like hail and high winds. They are Class A fire rated and Class 4 impact rated meaning they have some of the highest ratings in the roofing industry. Hail and wind can destroy regular asphalt and cedar shake tiles. Their flimsy nature leads them to easily flying off or being highly susceptible to hail impact. Composite tiles hold up better than any of these and will last much longer than other roof tile materials.                       

Composite roof tiles are comprised of 100% recycled plastic material. This helps save potential waste being added to the environment and puts recyclable plastic to good use. It also lessens the demand for harvesting and producing other roof tiles like clay, slate, shake and asphalt. Clay and slate both usually have harmful runoff. In the case of clay nearby water sources required to produce clay often become polluted and contaminated. Read more about the impacts of clay harvesting here.                      

When it comes time to perform a roof replacement or roof repair be mindful of the material you choose. The ideal choice is composite roof tile for it’s durability and sustainability. It will keep your heating and cooling costs down and your roof will last for a long time. Make the green choice for replacing your roof with composite roof tiles. 

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