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It’s Your Largest Investment, Why Not Protect It?

We’ll help  you do just that.  Normal wear and tear or storm damage, every roof needs some sort of repair over time.  Most residential roofs last from 15-20 years, that means a major percentage of US homes have roofs nearing their “end of times.”

As a homeowner, you truly understand the meaning behind the adage “There’s no place like home.” Your home is a sanctuary where you and your family create invaluable memories to cherish for a lifetime. Therefore, when it comes to making home repairs, especially concerning the all-important roof, you don’t trust just anybody with the job; you want to guarantee you are putting your home in the hands of a residential roofing company you can trust.

What are the benefits?

      -Enhanced curb appeal
      -Reduction in utility costs
      -Protection from harsh weather elements
      -Increase in resale value

Roof Replacement

If you feel you need your roof replaced, it is important to select a contractor who has the experience and education to not only perform the servies, but who will also take the time to walk you through every step of the process.  ReNew Roofing provides:

     -Certified Installers
     -Highly Trained Project Managers
     -50 Year Warranties
     -Premium quality materials

Architectural Shingles

Shingles beautify and protect your home.  You can receive up to a 50 year warranty. Choose from a wide range of shingles from leading manufacturers. Pick a color and style that fits your home and budget.  From a standard architectural shingle, to a flexible one for cold weather applications, to a Class IV impact resistant style.

Designer Shingles

Want to dress up your home a little more? We have options for that as well.  You can get a wood shake look, old world slate, European style, there are many options if you want to stand out from the crowd.

Metal Roofing

Don’t like shingles, maybe you prefer the look of metal instead.  We offer that as well.  Many different styles of exposed fastener metal and hidden fastener or standing seam.  We offer real rusted metal, copper, or rusted or patina copper look-a-like.  There are so many different colors and patterns to choose from.